Principal's Message


Welcome to Eastbluff School. We are proud to announce that we are a California Distinguished School! Eastbluff Elementary School is located at 2627 Vista del Oro in Newport Beach, California. Our school serves students in grades kindergarten through sixth. The school was built in 1973 and completely renovated in 1999. Our present student enrollment is 398.

Our VISION at Eastbluff Elementary School is for every Eastbluff student to have enthusiasm for learning and the lifelong skills for success.

The MISSION of Eastbluff School is to become a community of learners that exceeds the standards; where academic success is balanced with creativity and appreciation for the arts; where self and others are deemed worthy of respect and treated accordingly; where the skills for effective participation in the community and interpersonal relations are developed; where students, staff, parents, and community share the responsibility of working cooperatively toward the success of the mission.

Parents of Eastbluff students are actively involved in the education of their children. They work in the classroom and participate in fundraising events. Parents can take a leadership role by participating in the School Site Council, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), or the Eastbluff Foundation (EDads). Through the efforts of our parents, we have a school that is able to provide excellence through enrichment of the curriculum for our students. Contributions from parents and community members allow us to provide enrichment in the areas of art, technology, physical education, science, and music.

Eastbluff students, staff, and parents take pride in the learning environment of our school. Our teaching staff is highly qualified and, along with the support staff, is focused upon student success by providing each student with the opportunity to learn and grow while attending Eastbluff Elementary School. We are proud of our students. They demonstrate a love of learning. Our teaching staff is dedicated and successful at delivering curriculum that is challenging and exceeds the National, State, and N-MUSD standards.

We are proud of our campus and invite you to visit. When you arrive at Eastbluff Elementary School, you will see a campus that exemplifies a 21st century school. We are linked to the world through the Internet and integrate technology into the curriculum. We ensure the opportunity for each child to achieve mastery of skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and science; enrichment is integrated to enhance the learning experience. When you visit, you will see a staff that is committed to learning and teaching. You will see smiles on the faces of the students on our campus because at Eastbluff Elementary School we believe that students should have enthusiasm for learning.

Cheryl Beck, Principal