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Our Eastbluff Foundation is a group formed by parents and community members to raise funds for capital improvements to the campus with large, long range goals.  The Edads sponsor the annual Back to School BBQ, Golf Tournament, Duffy Date Night and Beach BBQ Bonfire. 

For more information check out the EDADS Website.

EDADs News

The Edads is a foundation group started by Eastbluff Dads with a primary goal of keeping Eastbluff's technology top notch!  In the last few years all of our teachers have received laptop computers from them, classrooms have received flatscreen monitors for student computers and all of our classroom pods are now wireless!

The Edads have also partnered with the PTA and the book fair to make sure every classroom has a SMART board to enhance student learning.

In addition to technology, Edads have also gone "old school" and helped with significant contributions to our library and most recently hosted a work day to upgrade our kindergarten playground shed and our Eastbluff garden.

Go Edads.  Look for more information soon on their main fundraiser -- the Annual Golf Tournament.


Thank you Edads!