Accelerated Reader Instructions

Students are welcome to take Accelerated Reader tests in the Computer Lab any morning between 8 and 8:30. A student may not begin a test after 8:25. This will allow time for the completion of the test before the warning bell for flag deck. To make finding your test easier, please bring your book with you or have the title copied accurately along with the author’s first and last name. Parents are welcome to wait in the library area and enjoy a magazine or book while their children take the tests. Please remember that as your level goes up the tests are longer so allow plenty of time to complete the test. Check Ms. Yoffa’s page on Schoolloop for the connection to Accelerated Reader book choices. Our school is fortunate to have access to every test available.

Accelerated Reader


Our Accelerated Reader program is ready for your children! 

Thanks to the help of several devoted parents, our books are marked by reading level as well as age appropriate material. The levels are on a colored dot on the spine of the books. A grade or age level appropriate marking is on the first page. Each book will say LG (lower grade), MG (middle grade), and UG (upper grade). Each book also has a point level. For example most picture books are .5 points while chapter books usually range from 2 - 29 points depending on the difficulty within their level. After taking a test to determine your children’s reading level, they read one of the appropriate books and then sign on to the computer with their ID number. 

The purpose of the program is to check students’ comprehension.   We have about 4,400 different titles in both fiction and non-fiction. You may want to wander through the library and check out our titles. Most of the books leveled .1 through 2.9 are in one area to make selection easier for our beginning readers.  

Level            Color  

.1-.9         Fluorescent yellow  

1-1.9        Fluorescent green  

2-2.9        Light pink  

3-3.9        Purple  

4-4.9        Sky blue  

5-5.9        Orange  

6-6.9        Fluorescent pink  

7-7.9        Yellow  

8-8.9        Green  

9-12         Fluorescent orange