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Eastbluff has a continued commitment in teaching our students strong character traits and displaying scholarly positive behaviors.  This is achieved through the focus on our school wide positive reinforcement and character development through our John Wooden Pyramid of Pride Program. 

Eastbluff has a positive school wide behavior system which clearly defines expected behaviors/procedures in all the different settings on campus.  Eastbluff Students shows PRIDE every day. PRIDE stands for: PreparedRespectfulIntegrityDetermined, and Excellence.  We reinforce our high expectations on an individual basis with our pride tickets and pride awards. 

We began the year by revisiting the video that the Eastbluff Staff created, which modeled the school wide behavioral procedures.  All students enjoyed viewing the video the first day of school and walked through each procedure as a class the second day of school. 

Staff continues to consistently model, discuss, and encourage our procedures and character traits.  Eastbluff students focus on displaying these character traits monthly in the classroom and across campus and are acknowledged for their positive behavior by being awarding pride tickets.  We also use 2nd Step curriculum to teach those behavior expectations and help students become problem solvers. 

Two women are in front of a wall with a drawn pyramid of success words in rectangles.

Another part of our Positive Schoolwide Behavior Program is filling each other’s buckets.  We learned that everyone has a bucket inside of them and this is really our self-esteem.  We are focusing on filling each other’s “buckets” with positive words and actions.  This is modeled after Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and How Full Is Your Bucket? The five main strategies we are implementing are:  Prevent Bucket DippingShine a Light on what is rightmake best friendsgive unexpectedly, and reverse the golden rule.  We are excited to be Eastbluff bucket fillers! 

Our Friday Flag Decks are a time to celebrate and recognize students for their individual and class successes.  Individual students are recognized for their positive behaviors and are given pride awards.  Classes are also acknowledged for their positive behaviors and team work and earn various pride banner flags from the following classes:  music, art, library, computers, stem, science and physical education.  It is so exciting to see our students strive to be the best that they can be and work together cooperatively to achieve their goals!  We are so proud of our Eastbluff Students!  Parents and community members, we invite you to join us in our Friday flag deck celebrations, which begin at 8:40 am.